Azure Developer

Job ID: 0009

Job Responsibilities:

Enterprise Integration:
  • Execute robust integration of OpenAI with Salesforce, leveraging Azure AI services.
  • Ensure data consistency, real-time interactions, and AI-driven responses within Salesforce.
Custom Solution Development:
  • Design Azure functions for bespoke features, enhancing GPT-3 capabilities within Salesforce.
  • Implement serverless architecture, ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency.
AI Conversational Model Optimization:
  • Tailor GPT-3 model parameters for enterprise-specific dialogues.
  • Deploy continuous training techniques for contextual accuracy and performance improvement.
Security & Compliance:
  • Monitor API health, optimizing throughput and response times.
  • Implement A/B testing for conversational improvements and user satisfaction.
Troubleshooting & Support:
  • Provide real-time issue resolution, maintaining system integrity.
  • Optimize performance bottlenecks, ensuring system resilience and uptime.
Documentation & Training:
  • Drafting of documents and training material.
Technical Skills & Proficiencies:

Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions, Azure Cognitive Services)
OpenAI’s GPT-3
Salesforce CRM
Programming: Python
Serverless Architecture
AI Model Training
Data Encryption & Security Compliance
Performance Testing
Technical Documentation


Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

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